Saturday, May 21, 2016

Cesky Krumlov & Budejovice

Southern Bohemia, probably my favorite place in all of the Czech Republic.  The food is great, it's home to Budweiser, it has two of the prettiest castles in the world, and quite frankly the people in the south are hard working, but laid back.  They work hard and play hard, and it's hard to find a place more fun to visit.


The region is home to some of the oldest and best castles in the Czech Republic.  It is also a mountainous region with some brilliant countryside.  Besides that, however, the food's better, things are cheaper, and so many fewer people than in Prague, and yet on par with the capital city.  It makes a worthy place to visit.

Things to Do

There are far too many things to do in the south, but the best places to visit are Cesky Krumlov, Ceske Budejovice, and Hluboka nad Vltavou.

Ceske Budejovice

This is one of my favorite little cities, a river surrounds the city and makes it one of the prettier small town centers in the Czech.  It makes a great starting hub to visit the other two as these are all about 3 hours south of Prague.  It has a great tower you can go up in, and some of the best ice cream places during the summer.  You can also visit the Budweiser brewery while in town, which is fun just to see how far machines can fling beer bottles.

Cesky Krumlov

This is the premier destination of the south, and for good reason.  It is one of the great UNESCO sites in the Czech Republic.  Strange enough, this town was basically taken over by Czechs after WWII when the Czechs forcefully deported most of the Germans in the region.  It fell into disrepair until they decided to pump some money into it and fix everything up into the beauty it is today.   This city is a destination in itself, but besides seeing the castle, the bear in the moat, and walking through the ancient narrow streets, you can also kayak or canoe through the city.  The city also is home to some of the best medieval festivals in the Czech Republic.  If you're there in the summer you can try to catch the festival of the 5 roses and see some knights joust.

Hluboka nad Vltavou

One of my favorite castles ever, this castle is just breathtaking and fun to hike up to and spend a day enjoying an almost empty countryside and you can even go golfing for pretty cheap on the public golf course with views of the castle.  You really feel a little like royalty.  This castle is also very worthwhile to go in as you can go all the way up to the top tower, and the castle is full of animal mounts from the royal hunting parties throughout the years.

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