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Yosemite National Park

Yosemite National Park

Yosemite is easily one of the most beautiful parks you will visit.  Grandiose valleys topped by glacial peaks make this park one you will not quickly forget.  Here are some of the best things to see and do in the park

1.Yosemite Valley
One of the easiest places to get to and the one with access to almost all the other options is Yosemite Valley.  This is where you'll see breathtaking views of the different falls as well as find access to many of the large hikes.  If you are traveling with kids, you'll also find the cultural centers and museums of the park located in the valley.
Yosemite Valley

2.Tunnel View
Probably the most famous view in the park, this is easily accessible by car, and offers a great view looking towards El Capitan and Half Dome.  This is a great spot to catch the sunrise as well as the view points directly towards the South East.  Although don't let this fool you, as sometimes the best sunsets are viewed in the opposite direction of the sunset.
Tunnel View Yosemite

3.Glacier Point
This can be an easily accessible point or you can make a great big hike out of it from the valley.  It is accessible by the long trail to the top or by driving to the parking lot.  My only advice on this amazing view is to get there early before too many people arrive.  Once the road starts to get crowded, not only is parking difficult to find, but you also encounter a very very slow windy drive to the summit.
Glacier Point Yosemite

Glacier Point Yosemite

Glacier Point Yosemite

4.Half Dome Hike
This awe inspiring hike is one of the prized hikes in Yosemite.  Hike to the very top of the dome and feel the breathtaking views of the summit.  Definitely worth the hike, and the trail starts at the bottom in the valley.  There is a large parking lot for cars for this hike, but it is very close to campgrounds, and it fills pretty early in the morning, so make sure to arrive early, or to come at later intervals when others may be coming back and vacating their spots.

5.Vernal and Nevada Falls Hike
Want to hike up next to two waterfalls?  This is the hike for you.  Another beautiful hike, this will take you through two of the many beautiful falls in Yosemite.  This and Half Dome are both a little harder hikes, however, so make sure you're up to the challenge, and that you have enough time to complete the hike.

6.Mirror Lake
This is a much easier hike for those who don't have as much time in the park, or who want to avoid the large crowds of the other destinations.  Mirror Lake offers a brilliant, serene setting, and it almost feels like you have the world to yourself.

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