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Top 10 Things to See & Do in Germany

Top 10 things to do in Germany

The great fatherland, the land of black forests, rolling hilltop castles and towering mountains that seem to flow with hops.  If that's the land you're looking for, you came to the right place, and here are the top 10 in Germany.

1.Drive the Autobahn
This might not be the top on your list of things to do in Germany, but it really should be.  Nothing quite says Germany engineering like driving a BMW on the sticky Autobahn, going as fast as you want.  You might think that traveling around Europe it's just not worth getting a car because of things like tolls(ahem France) and windy roads (ahem Italy), but Germany will definitely make you rethink the traditional train ride, and quickly have you ditching your sleeper for the faster car you can find.

Just a few quick tips if you do end up driving the Autobahn.  First of all, if you're not driving ridiculously fast stay in the right lanes, basically only go into the left lane if you're quickly passing someone, or you are one of the awesome, insane maniacs driving 300km/hr.  The second thing to keep in mind is that the Autobahn does at certain intervals have speed limits.  These limits are only when you're going around cities, but keep a watchful eye for those speed signs and remember that a number with a red dash through it means the speed limit is ending.  Finally, just keep in mind that going fast does take a toll on your car, your gas gauge will drop in a hurry, and if you aren't driving a sports car, you may not want to hit your top speed for extended periods of time, but hey, why not max it out at least once?haha.


2.Visit a holocaust memorial
Of course, there is the large memorial in Berlin, but Germany is home to many places where the holocaust happened, and it is a unique experience to visit one of these places that a museum just can't replace.

Nazi Prison Camp

3.Neuenschwanstein castle
This is one of the most famous castles in the world.  It is one of two that Disney decided to use to create a replica in their own castle.  Surprisingly, this area is not just home to the one castle either.  There are a few Hoffenstein castles in the area, each with its own flavor although Neuenschwanstein is the most famous and most visited.  The castle is also complete with a museum that you can visit as well.

Neuenschwanstein Castle

Munich is not usually seen as a destination in itself, but just a launching point.  That being said, Munich is rich with offerings for the careful traveler.  Visit BMW's headquarters in the city.  Walk one of the most ancient and historically rich old townes of Central Europe.  Munich is also home to some of the largest festivities of Oktoberfest every year.


5.Walk the Bastei Bridge
The iconic Bastei rock formation may not appear in many of your top German searches, but this landmark, should definitely rank in the top places in Germany.  The bridge, originally built in 1824 has been replaced with a new sandstone one built in 1851, and looks and feels like something out of Lord of the Rings.  You can access this near Dresden or even from the Czech Republic if you're coming from the East.

Bastei Bridge

6.Eat a Frankfurter in Frankfurt
Frankfurt is definitely a special European city.  By all accounts, it looks completely modern with its large downtown and skyscrapers, but it's not quite what meets the eye.  Head to the true center of the city and hidden behind the towering buildings lies the ancient part of Frankfurt, where you can eat some of the best and authentic Frankfurters around.  And all for cheap!


7.Drink way too much at Oktoberfest
I doubt I really need to harp on Oktoberfest that much, but if you're in Germany in mid to late September this is the one and only place to be.

8.See the ancient Capital of Aachen
This usually ranks pretty low on people's lists of things to see in Germany, but this is one of the true treasures of Europe.  The ancient capital still houses the great cathedral built by Charlemagne.  You can see the two-toned stones built in awe of the Moorish use in Cordoba.  You can see where the throne sat and ow church and state had truly become infused under the rule of the great Charlemagne.


9.Wander beneath the Christmas lights of Cologne
Christmas in Germany is spectacular, but there is a special glory and wonder in the French German regions at the border of the two countries.  Drink some great Christmas wine or the non-alcoholic version for kids.  Feel the crunch of fresh snow as you wander past hut after hut of traditional goods and breathe in the goodness of the season under the towering cathedral of Cologne.

Christmas Cologne

10.Ski the Alps or have a hot tea in Garmisch Partenkirchen and the Zugspitze
Welcome to the top of Germany.  The Zugspitze is the tallest mountain in all of Germany and is accessible by a cable car to reach its near 3,000 m summit.  This is also a famous ski town and a great place to spend the winter in the Alps.  If you're there during the summer, you're out of luck for skiing, but you can still go to the top and have tea, or hit a golf course flanked by the massive mountains.


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